New Program To Help Ohioans With The High Cost Of Adoption

In conjunction with National Adoption Month, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague, of Findlay, has announced the launch of Family Forward – a program designed to provide financial relief to families managing the high cost of the adoption process.

“Far too often, the rising costs of adoption deter hard-working Ohioans from growing their families,” Sprague said.

“With Family Forward, we can relieve some of that financial stress and allow prospective parents to focus on the excitement of bringing a child into their home. Through this effort, we look forward to assisting Ohio’s families during one of the most important times in their lives.”

Today in Ohio, prospective parents navigating the adoption process face costs ranging from $10,000 to over $50,000.

Family Forward provides financial relief through a linked deposit program administered by the Ohio Treasurer’s office.

Under the program, individuals or families seeking to adopt may be eligible for reduced interest loans that can be used for qualified adoption expenses up to $50,000.

Sprague and State Representative Jon Cross were on with WFIN’s Chris Oaks to talk about the program.



Qualified expenses include (but are not limited to) adoption agency expenses, court expenses and fees, expenses incurred on behalf of the birth mother, health and psychological examination fees, home studies, and travel.

Loan applicants will work with a lending institution to apply for a loan through Family Forward.

Once the loan is approved, the Treasurer’s office deposits funds with the lending institution at a below market rate.

The lending institution then passes the interest savings on to the borrowers via a reduced interest rate.

For more information on the initial participating lending institutions and how to get started, visit