New UF Students Complete The Most Sacred Of Traditions

New University of Findlay students performed the university’s most sacred tradition on Friday as they walked through Griffith Memorial Arch to symbolize the start of their journey at UF.

We spoke with freshman Sarah Scarpill after she completed the Arch Ceremony.



Sarah says she’s looking forward to walking back through the arch, in the other direction, when she graduates.

Until then she says she’ll be steering clear of the arch, as tradition says students must not walk back through the arch until commencement, or they won’t graduate.

From the UF website, “The tradition of not walking through the Arch is taken so seriously that in 1990 the University put sidewalks around the outside of the Arch because students were wearing a path in the grass avoiding jinxing themselves by walking through the Arch.”

Sarah, who is from Pennsylvania, will be playing golf for UF and studying hospitality management.

In May, we met a couple who were brand new UF grads and completed the Arch Ceremony on their own because there was no commencement due to the pandemic.

You can read that full story by clicking here.


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