Newest Hancock County Drug Court Graduates Two

8/2/18 – 5:12 A.M.

Hancock County Judge Jonathan Starn saw the first two graduates of his drug court pass through his courtroom Tuesday. 30-year-old Alissa Smith and 26-year-old Brandon Muzzy both have more than 400 days clean and sober as a result of the drug treatment program. Both Smith and Muzzy said they weren’t sure about the program when they started, but are grateful that it was available.

Judge Starn’s drug court saw its first two participants start in late spring last year. Judge Reginald Routson has been running a drug court for three years. The Hancock County Drug Court is a volunteer program aimed at helping vulnerable people get the help and support they need to stay off drugs.

Chief probation officer Kim Switzer says about 50 percent of the people in the drug court avoid relapse. She says that’s above the national average for drug courts. Hancock County is also looking at partnering with a college to further measure recidivism and relapse.

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