ODC: Claim Your ‘Gold’ This St. Patrick’s Day

The Ohio Department of Commerce is again reminding Ohioans to check to see if they have any unclaimed funds or property through their online portal.

State officials use the final weeks of the tax season to send reminders to people who may have money from a past job, business, lawsuit or refund that has not been claimed.

The ODC says they are currently guarding more than $3 billion in money and property that has gone unclaimed.

To check if you are owed money from a previous venture, visit the state’s web portal called missingmoney.com.

If an account appears that matches their information, claimants can generate a claim form to fill out and upload to the division using the new portal.

“They can either scan the documents with a scanner that they have at home and upload it, or they can use their phone and do the same thing,” said Akil Hardy, superintendent for the Division of Unclaimed Funds.

“All you have to do is take a picture of the document and then upload it.”