Sheriff’s Office To Have Extra Patrols For St. Patrick’s Day

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says it will have extra patrols on St. Patrick’s Day and for the remainder of the week.

The sheriff’s office is reminding everyone to line up a designated driver before they start consuming alcohol.

The Highway Patrol will also have an increased presence due to the holiday.

“We want all motorists to plan ahead before they start celebrating, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception,” said Colonel Richard Fambro, Patrol Superintendent.

He says, over the last five years, impaired driving accounted for 252 crashes on St. Patrick’s Day in Ohio.

14 people killed in 11 fatal crashes and 137 people were injured in OVI-related crashes.

“St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with consumption of alcohol, which makes impaired driving enforcement during the holiday a priority for our troopers so that everyone remains safe.”