Ohio Redistricting Commission Passes Maps Previously Rejected By Supreme Court

Republican members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission have forced through a set of legislative district maps that were previously rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court as unconstitutional.

It happened despite some heated moments at the redistricting commission meeting Thursday night.

The maps approved by four Republicans are the same maps that the state supreme court said unfairly favored Republicans.

House Minority Leader Allison Russo of Upper Arlington says the Republican members of the panel should be ashamed.

“It’s disappointing that they are so egregious in their disrespect for the rule of law and voters, but here we are.”

What happens if the maps are found unconstitutional again by the state supreme court?

Federal judges decided last month that if a plan is not in place by May 28 then the third set of maps, which were found unconstitutional, will be used.

Ohio voters previously, overwhelmingly, approved changes to the state constitution to limit partisan line-drawing in the redistricting process.