Ohio Woman Killed By Celebratory New Year’s Day Gunfire

Celebratory New Year’s Day gunfire is being blamed for a woman’s death on Cleveland’s west side.

Police say a 31-year-old woman died after being shot by her boyfriend who was popping off rounds to ring in the new year.

The man has been arrested, but there’s no word yet on charges.

Meantime, the Columbus Police Department says their neighborhood shot spotters reported over 300 gunshots on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Officials released data showing 341 gunshots in a 24-hour span where shot spotters are located in Linden, the Hilltop, and the south end.

It is illegal to discharge firearms in a celebratory manner within the limits of Columbus and is punishable by jail time and a one-thousand dollar fine.

Police plan to use the shot spotters to identify those who broke the law and are encouraging anyone who finds bullet holes on their property they suspect were caused by New Year’s gunfire to contact them.