Opening Statements Heard In Case Against Former Bluffton Doctor

4/19/18 – 5:12 A.M.

A jury heard the opening statements in the sexual imposition trial of a former Bluffton doctor Wednesday. Assistant Lima Prosecutor Nicole Smith said James Gideon inappropriately touched six female patients during examinations. Gideon’s defense attorney said that the accusations stemmed from misunderstandings and his client not explaining procedures well enough.

In one instance, a woman accused Gideon of touching her breasts and genitals. Gideon’s lawyer says the doctor needed to move her breast so he didn’t puncture her lung with an injection. He added any other contact was accidental.

Some of the prosecution’s opening arguments hinged on massages Gideon gave patients before treatment. Gideon’s attorney says his client had read about the therapeutic benefits of massage. He added Gideon began using massage before giving shots to some patients in May 2017.

Gideon faces six misdemeanor sexual imposition charges. A jury of four men and four women are hearing the case.

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