Perfect Flying Weather To Begin Flag City BalloonFest

It was a perfect morning for a hot air balloon ride and that’s what WFIN’s Matt Demczyk got to enjoy thanks to the folks at Flag City BalloonFest.

Matt went up with Flight Director Jeff Conley in Conley’s Columbia balloon and enjoyed an hour-long ride across about 8-miles of Findlay and Hancock County.

Jeff says he’s been doing this since 2006, and says he’s always had a desire to fly.

“And I instantly got hooked. Where else can you fly above treetops and enjoy the peace and quiet, see a little bit of nature and truly enjoy the spectacle of earth.”

Jeff is a sergeant with the Finlay Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and says getting up in the sky is a nice way to relax after a long week.

Jeff and Matt took off at around 7:15 and landed in a field about an hour later, about eight miles southeast of Findlay.

“That was easily one of the coolest experiences of my life,” Matt said after touching down from what was his first hot air balloon experience.

Flag City Balloonfest runs through Sunday at Emory Adams Park.