Petition Stops Findlay Street Vacation Until Voters Can Decide In November 2019

09/26/18 – 8:11 P.M.

Findlay City Council’s decision to vacate the right of way of two undeveloped streets on the city’s east side has been challenged. Matthias Leguire submitted a petition with almost 1,100 signatures when only 878 signatures were needed. This means that you will see the issue on the November ballot in 2019.

The street vacation was approved by Council President Ron Monday after council came to a tie on August 7. Leguire has said he uses the right of way of the streets to access the rear of his five-acre property. He says the right of way also provides an escape route from his property during floods and gives him development options.

The vacation will not go into effect unless approved by voters in 2019.