Police: Man Armed With Machete Threatens To Kill Officers

(From the Tiffin Police Department)

At approximately 1550 hrs on December 13th the Tiffin Police Department received call to conduct a welfare check on the resident at 44 Adams Street (Rear).

Family was concerned the subject was off his medication, paranoid and suicidal.

Additionally, the subject was armed with a machete. Upon arrival to the residence, the subject brandished his machete and threatened to kill officers if they entered the residence.

After learning the identity of the subject Tiffin Police confirmed there was an active arrest warrant for him as well.

Officers continued to try and talk with the subject, but he continued to make threats to the officers and refused to come out of his residence.

Black Swamp Emergency Services Unit was requested to respond and negotiators worked several hours in the effort to convince the resident to come out of the house for a peaceful resolution to this event.

The resident cut off all contact with the negotiators and refused to exit the residence.

At approximately 1907 hrs, Black Swamp Special Operators made entry into the residence, located the resident hunkered down in the bathroom and placed him in police custody.

The resident was uninjured, however due to other medical concerns was transported to Tiffin Mercy Hospital for treatment and under police custody.

Thank you to the Black Swamp ESU and negotiators, Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, Fostoria Police Department, Tiffin and Fostoria Fire Department, and the Tiffin Drone Team for bringing this event to a peaceful end.

Thank you,

Chief David W. Pauly