Portman Wants Back-To-Work Bonus For Unemployed

(ONN) – In Washington, Ohio’s Republican Senator, Rob Portman, wants the extra $300 a week that the federal government is adding to unemployment benefits to end.

Portman has long said he thinks the higher jobless benefit pay is causing some people to delay returning to work.

He says several states have discontinued the extra federal payments.

“My hope is that Ohio will join these states like Montana, South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi and Iowa in not offering the $300 but offering a bonus to return to work.”

Portman has suggested offering people a $100 signing bonus.

Portman says a lot of employers, especially small businesses, are having trouble maintaining a staff.

The extra federal payments continue until September 6th.

On May 3rd, Wilson’s in Findlay closed its dining room because it didn’t have enough workers.

The owner told WFIN he believes the extra benefits are at least partly to blame.

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