Semi Takes Down Traffic Light In Findlay

A semi struck and took down and traffic light in downtown Findlay on Thursday.

It happened at the intersection of South Cory and West Main Cross at around 1:40 in the afternoon.

Witnesses said the semi was southbound on South Cory and turned west onto West Main Cross when it hit the traffic light.

The falling traffic light slightly came into contact with the side of the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.

Police had the semi pulled over down the street, near the intersection of West Main Cross and Western Avenue.

Until the light is repaired, police say the intersection of West Main Cross and South Cory will have the following changes. Traffic on West Main Cross going east and west will have the right of way. Traffic on South Cory going north and south will be regulated by temporary stop signs. Traffic on South Cory will have to yield to all traffic on West Main Cross.