Seneca County General Health District Addresses Landfill Concerns

1/24/19 – 7:37 A.M.

The Seneca County General Health District says it is looking at options that can help resolve odor issues from the Sunny Farms Landfill. A statement from Health Commissioner Beth Schweitzer says they have talked to an environmental attorney to see what they can do. The statement goes on to say, “We truly understand the citizens’ concerns, and we are doing what is in our power to alleviate this problem. We are giving careful consideration to what our next step should be with this license.”

Schweitzer says options go beyond simply approving or denying a license renewal request. She adds the Ohio EPA has issued three notices of violation reports and one notice of deficiency report to Sunny Farms since December. She says the notices force the landfill to come up with a plan to fix the issue.

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