Snow Plow Costs And Usage Down This Year

01/31/19 – 1:07 P.M.

The mild start to this winter helped keep plows off the road in Hancock and Putnam Counties this year. ODOT reports that in Hancock County just over 3,200 tons of salt was used this year, compared to over 5,800 tons last year. This year cost a little more than $436,000 and covered over 56,600 miles. That’s down from $755,000 and 81,330 miles last year.

Putnam County only used 2,352 tons of salt this year. Last year the county used 4,336 tons. The total cost for this year was over $326,430 down from a cost of $595,825. Drivers covered over 45,100 miles. That’s down from 68,180 miles covered last year.