Sprague Talks About Running For Statewide Office

8/13/18 – 4:26 A.M.

Political races on the November ballot will start heating up again soon. We recently caught up with Findlays Robert Sprague, who is running for State Treasurer. Sprague spoke about the challenges of running for a statewide office

Audio:Robert Sprague

Sprague is the first Hancock County resident to appear on a statewide ballot in the general election. He says its taken a lot of legwork to build a statewide campaign. Hes visited all 88 counties to meet with voters and party leaders. Sprague says hes spent more than two years building relationships around Ohio.

Sprague also talked about what life is like on the statewide campaign trail

Audio:Robert Sprague

Sprague says a daily schedule like that means hes gone from around 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. when hes out campaigning. He credited his wife, Amanda, for having to take on more at home while hes on the road.

Sprague also talked about lessons learned from the largest campaign of his political career

Audio:Robert Sprague

Sprague says sometimes interactions with the smallest groups can have larger impacts than anticipated.

He adds that one of the biggest challenges about running a statewide campaign are elements out of his control. For instance, if something negatively affected Republican turnout across Ohio, it would impact his campaign as well, despite him having no direct connection.

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