St. Wendelin School Facing Mounting Financial Pressures

11/13/18 – 5:35 A.M.

St. Wendelin school officials laid out a grim financial picture during a meeting with parishioners and school family members Monday night. The Review-Times reports Reverend Todd Dominique laid out two underlying issues, heavy expenses, and light enrollment. Dominique says they lost nearly half of their K-8 students when they announced the closure of the high school in 2017.

The church says it costs roughly $13,500 to educate a student at St. Wendelin. Dominique says a recent survey found most families were only willing to pay $1,000 for tuition. That means the rest has to come from fundraising, parish offerings, and state dollars. A foundation that helps fund the school is quickly running out of money.

Monday’s meeting was an effort to put information in front of parishioners and to look for ideas on how to move forward.

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