State Route 15 Overpass Projects To Be Completed In 2023

Two overpass projects along State Route 15 are scheduled to be completed in 2023.

One of the projects will construct an overpass on County Road 180 over State Route 15 near Findlay and the other will be at County Road 169 and State Route 15 near Vanlue.

The projects are designed to improve safety and reduce crashes at the intersections.

Hancock County Engineer Doug Cade says a study was conducted looking at the number of crashes along State Route 15 in Hancock and Wyandot Counties.



He says the intersection of State Route 15 and County Road 180 has become more and more dangerous as the traffic count and speeds have increased.

During the past five years Cade said 28 crashes have occurred at the intersection resulting in several injuries and one fatality.

Traffic will no longer be able to access State Route 15 from County Road 180 once the overpass is completed.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says the projects are slated to start in the spring and be finished by the fall. More exact dates will be released later.

During construction, both County Road 180 and 169 will be closed at State Route 15.

ODOT expects State Route 15 to be open with lane restrictions during construction of the overpasses.

Due to safety concerns, ODOT says County Road 8 will also close at State Route 15 during the project, and ODOT supports removing access there permanently but that’s a decision for the Hancock County Board of Commissioners.

In preparation for the project, in 2021, Hancock County improved County Road 172 for better access to the State Route 15 interchanges on U.S. 68 and State Route 37.