State Route 15 Overpasses Almost Finished

Transportation officials say the two new overpasses on State Route 15 are nearing completion.

The new overpasses are at County Road 180 south of Findlay and at County Road 169 near Vanlue.

Officials expect the overpasses to be finished by the end of November.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says the overpass projects are part of an overall effort by ODOT District 1 to improve the safety of four-lane, divided highways in the region.

We spoke with Hancock County Engineer Doug Cade about the overpasses.



The ultimate goal is to eliminate at-grade intersections through a combination of short-term projects, such as removing medians and installing cul-de-sacs or restricted crossing U-turns (RCUTs); and long-term projects, such as constructing overpasses and interchanges.

The project was developed and funded in close partnership with the Hancock County Engineer.

ODOT has plans to construct yet another overpass over State Route 15, with this latest one going up at County Road 193 in 2025.