Strategic Planning Consultant Accepting Plans From Orgs

The City of Findlay says its strategic planning consultant is accepting planning documents from community organizations as part of the city’s strategic planning process.

The city says if a community organization in Findlay or Hancock County has an official/adopted planning document, it can be submitted for review by the City’s Strategic Planning Consultant Team as part of the Findlay Forward Strategic Planning process.

The city says the consultant team will be reviewing plans as reference documents in order to better understand Findlay as a whole and any recent planning that has been undertaken within the community.

Submitted documents will be used by the consultant team for background understanding only.

There should be no expectation that any policies, recommendations or other elements of the submitted plans will be integrated into the new Findlay Forward Strategic Plan.

The consultant team will be creating new recommendations based upon current data and their own research as well as community input that will be gathered throughout the process.

Community organizations wanting to submit a plan for review should email it to [email protected] by Wednesday, May 25th at noon.