Testimony Heard About Northwest Ohio Economic Growth

2/22/19 – 5:28 A.M.

Elected officials held testimony to talk about economic development in Findlay during a session at the Hancock Hotel Thursday. State Senator Rob McColley chairs the Regional Economic Development Alliance Study Committee. State Representative Steve Hambley joined McColly in Findlay to learn more about the issues businesses face in northwest Ohio.

Dean Monske of the Regional Growth Partnership testified the region has a great location for business. He added every mode of transportation is available here. Monske added that northwest Ohio needs more resources from the state because it doesn’t have as many large corporate partners as Columbus, Cincinnati, or Cleveland.

Steve Robinson of Owens Community College also spoke. He talked about the importance of reducing the stigma associated with jobs in the trades. He said great careers are available to people who go to community college or work in the trades, and that more families should take a serious look at them.

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