United Way Of Hancock County Interim CEO Talks About Internal Structure Changes And CEO Hunt

04/15/19 – 3:39 P.M.

United Way of Hancock County interim CEO Chris Ostrander presented at the Findlay Rotary Club Monday. Ostrander said that the United Way hasn’t been the easiest to work with in the past and there have been internal issues with funding. He adds that they are taking a hard look fixing these issues though…

Ostrander explained that they will be implementing a new finance committee to help maintain transparency for the public. He added that he won’t step down as the interim CEO until these changes are implemented, which he said he hopes is soon.

According to Ostrander, the United Way is well on the path to finding a new CEO. He said that they had 64 applicants and narrowed that down to 3 candidates.

Ostrander said that it is important to know that the candidate will fit in at the United Way. He added that the partner agencies are a big part of the United Way’s mission, so it is only fair to listen to their input on the candidates as well.

Ostrander said that they will hopefully have a new CEO ready to take over in the next month or so.