USPS Talks About New Ways To Prevent Dog Attacks

04/15/19 – 11:15 A.M.

Two postal workers were victims of dog bites in Findlay last year and new technology from the United States Postal Service looks to stop dog attacks. The hand-held scanners used by carriers to confirm customer delivery include a feature to indicate that there’s a dog. Customers will be asked if they own dogs, which will be relayed to the devices. The USPS also has an interactive map that shows where dog attacks on letter carriers happened in 2018. This helps educate communities and employees.

The USPS also announced sending 3-D printed postcards to customers whose dogs may pose a risk. According to the USPS, this helps spread awareness and leads to prevention.

Aside from technology, The USPS says you can help by putting your dog in a separate room before opening the front door to get packages from a carrier. You may also be asked to pick up your mail at the post office if your dog isn’t restrained.