Variety Of New Laws Taking Effect In Ohio In 2020

The new year brings with it several law changes in Ohio.

Governor DeWine in 2019 signed nearly two-dozen laws into action that were put before him by the Ohio General Assembly.

Let’s start with your car. This coming July, the old rule demanding a front license plate will be repealed, and you’ll only need a rear license plate.

You may spend less for things like tampons and pads in 2020 after Ohio became 16th state to repeal the so-called “pink tax,” a tax on feminine hygiene products.

Speaking of tax changes, some teachers could get a little help with a shift allowing them to claim state income tax deductions for certain classroom items they buy with their own money.

A new dementia task force will be activated to raise awareness and prepare Ohio neighborhoods for the impact of an aging population.

Also, minimum wage workers in Ohio are now being paid $8.70 an hour, up from $8.55.