Water Bills Issued Early, Findlay Crediting Accounts

05/14/18 – 7 P.M.

The City of Findlay’s Utility Billing Department accidentally issued water bills to 1,995 accounts. The city typically bills the north end one month and the south end the following month. The auto pay processed on May 11 took care of bills for both the north and the south side of the city. As a remedy, the city is offering credits of the amount debited from your account.

If your water bill is due today, the city will debit your account on May 21, with no penalty.

If the utility bill is due in June, the debit will be made closer to the due date.

If there are any overdraft charges due to the error, you should send a copy of the statement with the account number, name, date and the dollar amount of the overdraft to [email protected]. Any overdraft charges will be refunded.