Zonta Landing Docks Dismantled For Winter Storage

The autumn removal of the watercraft docks at Zonta Landing at Findlay’s Riverside Park took place on Thursday.

“The last vestiges of the summer season disappeared Thursday with the removal of the docks at Zonta Landing at Riverside Park Waterfront,” said Anne Coburn-Griffis, Marketing Manager for the Hancock Park District.

“As high winds tossed autumn leaves on the shore, Hancock Park District Natural Resource Manager Chad Carroll, Natural Resource Assistant David Myers and Central Park Manager Rowan Coburn-Griffis waded into the cold waters of the Blanchard River to dismantle the docks for winter storage.” (picture courtesy of the Hancock Park District)

She says the last scheduled fall float trip for the 2020 season launched from the park facility on November 14th.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was in town over the summer to designate the Blanchard River as an official state water trail.

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