Another Ohio City Challenging State Law On Traffic Camera Use

(ONN) – Another Ohio city is challenging the latest state law aimed at traffic camera use.

The City of Dayton is asking a Montgomery County judge to block the law that requires cities to report revenues from fines collected through traffic camera use to the state, with the state then reducing payments to local governments by the same amount.

A similar suit is pending by the city of Toledo.

Legal battles over traffic camera use have been going on across Ohio for years.

Recently, to the southeast of Cincinnati, motorists cited for speeding filed a federal lawsuit against the Ohio river town of New Richmond for using traffic cameras.

Some municipalities say the cameras improve traffic safety and help stretch law enforcement resources.

Critics argue the cameras are simply aimed at pumping revenue into local budgets while trampling motorists’ rights.

The City of Findlay does not use traffic cameras for enforcement and says tickets can only be issued by police officers.