‘Best Christmas Ever’ Surprising Four Families This Year

An organization is working again this year to give some area families the Best Christmas Ever.

The charity Best Christmas Ever helps out families who have fallen on hard times at no fault of their own.

This weekend the organization will be surprising four Findlay-area families with a custom and unique Best Christmas Ever that includes a large, life-altering gift.

Last December, the organization surprised three local families and video of one of the surprises can be seen below.

Jaclyn Pessel, of Best Christmas Ever, says this wouldn’t be possible without the generous community we live in.



“You get more out of giving than you do receiving, and you can see by how many people were here that people want to give and to help and there’s so many good people out there.”

You can learn more about Best Christmas Ever by checking out their website here and Findlay Facebook page here.