UPDATE: Blanchard River Still In Flood Stage In Ottawa

6/4/19 – 5:19 A.M.
UPDATE: 11:28 A.M.

The ground is still soggy in a lot of places, but the Blanchard River is back below flood stage in Findlay. The river crested in the major flood stage at just over 14 feet late Sunday afternoon following torrential downpours on Saturday. It dropped out of flood stage Monday afternoon, and fell out of the action stage early this morning.

Downstream in Ottawa the Blanchard remains in flood stage. The river crested in the minor flood stage at 24.5 feet late Monday night. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service shows the river falling out of flood stage around 8 p.m. tonight.

You’ll still want to keep an eye out for high water in low-lying areas in Putnam County today while the flood water recedes.