Blanchard Station Apartment Plans Move Forward, Neighbors Again Raise Concerns

2/14/19 – 11:19 A.M.

A new housing development in Findlay has taken another step forward, despite protests from neighbors in the area. The Findlay City Planning Commission took up discussion about the proposed Blanchard Station Apartments during a Thursday meeting. Residents on Bishop Lane again brought up concerns about increased traffic on their street.

The development in question would sit south of Melrose Avenue and north of the Bernard Avenue neighborhood. The original proposal used Bishop Lane as the only access point for the 50 unit complex. A change to the plan adds a connection to the south on Concord Court.

Bishop Lane residents had lobbied for the developer to find a different northern access. Some argued against the Concord Court connection, saying it would only bring more traffic through their neighborhood.

The planning commission approved the plans. City council will also have to approve the plans before construction can begin.

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