Buster Douglas Honored 30 Years After Knocking Out Tyson

(ONN) – Thirty years after he shocked the world by knocking out boxing champion Mike Tyson, Columbus native James ‘Buster’ Douglas is feeling healthy and coaching young boxers.

The 59-year-old was celebrated at an anniversary gala Friday night in Columbus, where money was raised for programs that help others who face long odds.

Buster’s students throughout Columbus’ Parks and Recreation system look up to the man they call simply ‘coach’ as a teacher, friend and hero.

Douglas’ charity effort, called 42 to 1, named for his odds of beating Tyson, supports workforce development, diversity and soft skills training programs for at-risk youth.

“It’s all about motivation, staying focused, being positive and doing the right things,” Buster said.

It was a Saturday night, February 10th, 1990 when Ohioans watched as Douglas knocked out Tyson in Tokyo, Japan, where it was already February 11th.