Congressman Bob Latta Talks About Broadband Availability And Opioid Epidemic

08/22/18 – 6:57 P.M.

U.S. Congressman Bob Latta was in Findlay to talk about some of his recent legislation and committees. Latta said that he is working to make sure that broadband internet access is made available to people in rural areas.

Bob Latta

Latta said that having high-speed internet access will help these entities function better. Latta also discussed efforts to address the opioid epidemic. He said that a recent bill passed by the Energy and Commerce Committee will help connect people to services offered at a local level.

Bob Latta

Latta said that this will also help show what is working and what isn’t. The bill is in the Senate now and Latta said he is hopeful to see it passed soon.

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