District Report Cards Released For Local Schools

09/13/18 – 3:02 P.M.

The state has released the report cards for school districts across the state. Arcadia, Arlington, and Liberty Benton received B’s overall. Findlay, McComb, Riverdale, Van Buren and Vanlue got Cs. Cory-Rawson received a D. The report cards are new this new and are based on results in the six component areas that were graded in previous years.

In the past, school administrators have disapproved of the report cards because the grading metrics change. Findlay City Schools Superintendent Ed Kurt explains…

Ed Kurt

Kurt added that they will use the report card to look at what areas they need to improve. He said that he thinks they do have a comprehensive plan for growth though.

Ed Kurt

The schools were graded on metrics such as achievement, graduation rates, and preparedness for success. In the achievement category, Van Buren earned the highest grade with a B. Arcadia, Arlington, and Liberty Benton got C’s. Cory-Rawson, Findlay, McComb, Riverdale, and Vanlue all received D’s. The achievement category represents how well students did on state tests.

Arcadia, Arlington, Liberty Benton, McComb, Van Buren, and Vanlue all scored A’s in the graduation rate component. Findlay, Liberty Benton, and Riverdale schools all got B’s. The graduation rate component looked at which students are successfully finishing high school with a diploma in four or five years.

Preparedness for success measured how well-prepared students are for the future. This could mean training in a technical field or preparing for college. The highest grades from this category came from Arlington and Liberty Benton with C’s. Arcadia, Findlay, Riverdale, Van Buren, and Vanlue all got D’s. Cory-Rawson and McComb got F’s.