FCS Taking Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Findlay City Schools sent a notification to parents about the precautions they’re taking to prevent coronavirus.

The district says its focus, at this time, is on the preventive measures outlined by the CDC.

District buildings are cleaned daily with a CDC-approved disinfectant and “high touch” areas are cleaned and disinfected more frequently.

As always, the district is asking that students and staff stay home if they are ill.

Carmen Brown, Family Consumer Science teacher at Millstream Career Center says she’s been teaching students the importance of being diligent about hand-washing.

She says many students shockingly think if they just hold their hands under running water for a few seconds that’s good enough.

“The only true defense against bacteria is plain old soap and water, washing your hands for 20 seconds in front and back, and don’t forget your nails and in between your fingers.”

Findlay City Schools says it’s in regular contact with Hancock Public Health to receive guidance and stay current on information regarding the spread of the virus.

The district will follow Hancock Public Health’s lead on any quarantines, closures, or other health measures as needed.