Fence Setback Ruling Causes Tempers To Flare During Council Meeting

5/2/18 – 5:23 A.M.

Tempers flared over fencing issues at Tuesday’s Findlay City Council meeting. Charles Williams of 804 Fishlock Avenue spoke for nearly 10 minutes about the handling of a zoning variance given to Best Construction. The zoning appeals board recently allowed Best to build a six-foot high fence within 10 feet of the Williams Street right-of-way. Zoning rules usually mandate a 30-foot setback.

Williams says the fence obstructs visibility for drivers. He also said appeals board chairman Phil Rooney should have excused himself from the variance proceedings. Rooney is the attorney for Best Construction. Rooney spoke in favor of the variance during the initial hearing but didn’t vote.

Matthias Leguire of 830 East Sandusky Street spoke for Williams as well. He says he had to move a fence that missed the 30-foot setback rule by about three feet. Leguire said, “maybe if Phil Rooney was my attorney, I wouldn’t have had to move my fence.”

Best built the fence in question on the site of two light industrial properties. The zoning appeals board said the view of the industrial properties could hurt home prices in the area.

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