Findlay Digital Academy Talks About High Graduation Rate And Funding Losses

08/13/18 – 5:10 P.M.

Findlay Digital Academy has grown into a successful alternative for at-risk students in high school. That was the message from superintendent Rosemary Rooker at a Findlay Rotary Club meeting.

Rosemary Rooker

Rooker said that she thinks the difference between Findlay Digital Academy and other E-Schools is the drop-in mentoring lab. Students that are struggling can stop into the lab and receive help from retired teachers and other professionals. Rooker said that this has helped them get one of the highest graduation rates for e-schools in the state.

She added that state changes in funding have proven to be difficult though.

Rosemary Rooker

Rooker said that it is difficult to measure the hours of participation and some students finish the program early which affects funding.

Not all is lost though. Rooker explained that Ohio State representative Bob Cupp is meeting with her to discuss the academy’s success. She said that Cupp will take the information back to study committees looking at E-School funding.