Findlay-Hancock County Library’s Fine Free Initiative A Big Hit

A few months into the Findlay – Hancock County Public Library eliminating fines on overdue items, library officials say customers are understandably loving it.

Assistant Director Sarah Clevidence says going fine free has changed the tone of many conversations at the circulation desk.

“Instead of having to say, ‘sorry Bob, but you owe us 20 cents because your book is overdue’ now we can ‘Oh, just so you know, your book was due back two days ago and wasn’t able to renew so if you could bring it back as soon as possible we’d appreciate it.”

She says the Findlay – Hancock County Library is joining this new fine free trend early on, and it seems to be catching on at more and more libraries including the McComb Public Library and North Baltimore Public Library.

Clevidence says it just makes sense to go fine free.

“Our patrons, as taxpayers have already paid for the materials, so we don’t want to charge you twice for them.”

She points out, however, that accounts with three overdue items will be frozen and no further items may be borrowed until fewer than three items are overdue.

At 30 days overdue, items will be considered lost and a lost item fee will be assessed.