Findlay High School Takes 3rd In National Competition

A Findlay High School student took 3rd place in a national speech competition at Ashland University.

Summer Neds competed in the “Speaking Out for Freedom” competition and spoke on the importance of the self-evident truths.

Neds competed against other students from across the U.S. and had to write and videotape her speech.

Neds’ teacher Jessee Hankins said he is very proud of his student.

In her essay, Summer wrote that: The American Idea brings the country together during politically divisive times because, although there are different opinions and beliefs, the citizens will carry on the history of the nation and remember the tragedies and triumphs of their country. This is important because the world is changing and constantly facing new obstacles. During these obstacles, it is only right for the American people to remember their country, the history, and the rocky road their country has taken to get to the point that it is at today.