Findlay Mayor Sees President Speak At White House

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn was in attendance as President Trump spoke about the importance of strong city leadership at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting on Friday, January 24th.

“It was overwhelming to be there at the White House, listen to “Hail to the Chief” come on, it was a really neat experience for sure.”

The mayor tells WFIN that this was her first time in the White House, and she was in awe of all the history the building has seen.

She says she stood in the back of the East Room as President Trump spoke and had a direct line of sight to the president and jokes that he ‘may’ have seen her.

Mayor Muryn was also in Washington D.C. in October for a roundtable discussion on affordable housing, but this was her first time actually in the White House.

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