Findlay Passes New Ordinance To Deal With High Grass Complaints

5/16/18 – 5:11 A.M.

Findlay residents will have to keep their grass below six inches from now on. New rules passed by city council on Tuesday allow the city to mow lots where the grass and weeds grow higher than six inches. The city would then bill the property owner for the work.

The rules clear up older regulations that left room for interpretation on when the city would intervene in a nuisance yard complaint. The new rules also further define rules about junk vehicles in yards.

Mayor Lydia Mihalik said, “There is no shortage of rain in the last couple of weeks and spring is here. We currently have high-grass complaints already.” She added, “We have been very proactive in trying to address some very longstanding weed complaints that maybe we were a little lenient on in the past.”

Findlay resident Renee Leguire spoke against the ordinance. She said, “Requiring a person to keep their grass at 6 inches or less is ludicrous.” Leguire also said the ordinance was an example of council enforcing the will of “an elite few.”

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