Fostoria Council Passes Resolution Opposing Sunny Farms Operating License

2/20/19 – 5:31 A.M.

Fostoria City Council took aim at the Sunny Farms Landfill during its Tuesday meeting. Council voted in favor of a resolution opposing the landfill’s operating license in Seneca County. While Fostoria doesn’t have any say in landfill regulations, elected officials and community leaders believe they need to keep the pressure up.

Fostoria’s efforts got a boost from State Representatives Riordan McClain and Bill Reineke Jr. They wrote a letter to the Ohio EPA Tuesday. The letter claims the agency isn’t taking issues with the landfill as seriously as it should be.

Mayor Eric Keckler says that in the meantime he is looking to buy hydrogen sulfide monitors to place around the city. He says they need to keep gathering independent data about the landfill odor.

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