FPD Holds Active Shooter Training At High School

The Findlay Police Department put officers through active shooter drills at the high school ahead of the new school year beginning.

Lt. Andrew Welch says their officers are trained to enter the school immediately and become the focus of the shooter.

“If you can become the focus that means he’s not focused on hurting anybody in the school,” Welch said.

“Our safety becomes second to those in the school because we are prepared, we’re trained and we understand what we need to do.”



He says the new SafeDefend active shooter protection system installed in Findlay schools will be very beneficial because it provides emergency responders with instant information about the location and nature of the threat.

Last fall police responded to two active shooter hoax calls; one at Findlay High School and the other at Liberty Benton High School.

The police department let us tag along as they held a drill in which an officer went classroom to classroom in search of a shooter, and the video can be seen below.