UPDATE: Government Shutdown Affecting SNAP Program Allowing Recipients To Receive Benefits Early

01/16/19 – 2:21 P.M.
UPDATE – 3:42 P.M. (more information available)

The partial federal government shutdown is making it so that people receiving SNAP food assistance benefits can receive their February benefits today. Hancock County Job and Family Services Director Randall Galbraith explained that the resolution funding the program is expiring.

Since the government is shut-down, Galbraith said they need to get those benefits out by the end of the month because there will be no issuance of benefits in February. He added that they have 30 days to get benefits out.

He added that you’ll want to try and make the benefits last as long as possible.

If you receive the benefits and have questions about your case, you can call the Hancock County JFS at 419-422-0182