Hancock County Commissioners Say Tax Breaks Creating Burden

12/19/18 – 5:37 A.M.

The Hancock County Commissioners are asking the Blanchard Valley Port Authority to consider more factors before giving tax breaks in the future. The commissioners said that tax breaks for companies that offer low-wage jobs end up creating a burden on the county. They said that’s because the tax breaks take away sales tax dollars that help pay for social services often needed by people with low-wage jobs.

Port Authority Administrative Consultant Jerry Arkebauer says its impossible to know how much the tax breaks actually cost the county. Arkebaurer says that’s because there’s no guarantee companies would buy building materials in Hancock County. For instance, you can’t buy structural steel locally.

Commissioner Brian Robertson lobbied the Port Authority to do more to bring white collar jobs to the community. He says that’s because there isn’t much housing in the area at $100,000 or less. Robertson added it doesn’t make sense to keep adding lower-paying jobs when there isn’t affordable housing available for the employees.

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