Hancock County Tire Recycling Event

The Hancock County Solid Waste Management District is holding a Tire Amnesty Day on Saturday.

The recycling event will be held in the back lot of the Educational Service Center at 7746 County Road 140, Findlay.

The event is free for Hancock County residents.

The guidelines are:

-Hancock County Resident must be 16+ years
-Limit up to four (4) tires each
-Tires must be 17 inch or less and must be off the rim
-Proof of Hancock County residency required
-No Businesses
-Transporting more than 9 tires in a single vehicle requires an Ohio EPA transporter license.

This event is on Saturday, June 27th and is sponsored by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and the Hancock County Solid Waste Management District.

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