Housing A Top Priority In 2019 For Local Business Community

1/7/19 – 1:52 P.M.

Local business leaders want to focus on housing in 2019. Thats according to Alliance Economic Development Director Tim Mayle, who spoke at Mondays Findlay Rotary Club Meeting. Mayle says they are going to take a similar approach to how they work to attract businesses


Mayle says they need good housing to continue to attract employers to the area.

Mayle also spoke to us about bringing in jobs that pay a living wage. Mayle says that while everyones standard for a living wage differs, it’s something they take into account when recruiting businesses. He says they have passed on projects in the past that didnt meet what they were looking for.

Other than housing, Mayle says the business community will focus on developing the workforce in 2019. One way the Alliance is doing that is by reaching out to people looking for jobs and are willing to relocate…


Mayle adds that theyve seen a lot of interest when they contact job seekers this way.