Leipsic Gets Grant To Repave Roads Leading To Pro-Tec

4/24/18 – 5:15 A.M.

Leipsic is getting a grant to improve roads ahead of a factory expansion. Ohio awarded the village more than $856,000 to resurface roads that lead to Pro-Tec. The grant will help pay for work on County Road 5 between U.S. 224 and State Route 65. It will also pay for repaving on Cross Creek Drive.

Aside from the grant, Putnam County is paying $350,000 for the work and Leipsic is pitching in $105,000. Van Buren Township is also helping pay for the project.

Pro-Tec is set to build a $400 million plant addition in 2019. It will add 80 jobs at the steel coating facility.

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