Local Business Offers Cold Weather Pipe And Heater Advice

01/29/19 – 3:14 P.M.

You may have heard that when it is freezing cold out, you should run water to keep your pipes from freezing. Jim Basinger from Basinger Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning said that running a faucet does help.

He added that you want to let both hot and cold water trickle out of the faucet furthest from the water source. Basinger said that if you can’t run both hot and cold, you should run just cold water. This isn’t foolproof though and your pipes can still freeze if temperatures get low enough.

Basinger also talked about heaters not being able to keep up with the temperatures.

He added that you shouldn’t turn your thermostat up to try to reach your desired temperature. He added that you should also keep your heater running because it is more efficient if it is always on.

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