Logistics Park Could Mean 1,000+ Jobs In North Baltimore

A development firm has plans to construct a large logistics park in North Baltimore.

Logistics Park Ohio would be located just across from the CSX Intermodal Terminals on State Route 18, Deshler Road.

“We’re very excited about the potential for this project,” said Wade Gottschalk, director of the Wood County Economic Development Commission.

“It’s a result of a lot of work and time put in over the years since the CSX Intermodal facility went in.”

He says NorthPoint Development’s vision is to put in multiple warehouse/distribution buildings that would utilize the CSX Intermodal facility.

He says the Wood County Commissioners approved a Community Reinvestment Area Program for NorthPoint Development across from CSX.

“We’re excited to see job growth and investment and I know the local school district is very excited as well,” Gottschalk added.

NorthPoint Development officials have said the project could bring thousands of jobs to the area.