Mary Taylor Meets With Supporters In Findlay

4/25/18 – 11:41 A.M.

Republican Mary Taylor brought her campaign for governor to Findlay today. While meeting with supporters at the Southside Restaurant, Taylor talked about how she wants to address the opioid crisis…

Audio:Mary Taylor

Taylor says the bonds could pay for things like putting more narcotics officers on the streets. She adds that by issuing bonds her plan won’t raise taxes to fight the opioid epidemic.

Taylor also addressed her plans to end the Medicaid expansion…

Audio:Mary Taylor

Taylor says there are more than 140,000 jobs open in Ohio according to the Ohio Means Jobs website. She says getting people able-bodied people back in the workforce will reduce dependence on government.

Taylor said her education plan calls for three graduation requirements. They include a minimum GPA, a minimum ACT score for college-bound students, and a provision for vocational education…

Audio:Mary Taylor

Taylor also told supporters sanctuary cities are a bigger issue in Ohio than you would imagine…

Audio:Mary Taylor

Taylor says there are at least 12 so-called sanctuary cities in Ohio including Columbus and Cincinnati. She says in some instances the designation is ceremonial, but can still cause confusion among law enforcement.

Taylor ‘s visit comes after Mike DeWine met with business leaders in Findlay last week.